Source code for cement.ext.ext_tabulate

Cement tabulate extension module.

from tabulate import tabulate
from ..core import output
from ..utils.misc import minimal_logger

LOG = minimal_logger(__name__)

[docs]class TabulateOutputHandler(output.OutputHandler): """ This class implements the :ref:`Output <cement.core.output>` Handler interface. It provides tabularized text output using the `Tabulate <>`_ module. Please see the developer documentation on :cement:`Output Handling <dev/output>`. **Note** This extension has an external dependency on ``tabulate``. You must include ``tabulate`` in your applications dependencies as Cement explicitly does **not** include external dependencies for optional extensions. """
[docs] class Meta: """Handler meta-data.""" label = 'tabulate' #: Whether or not to pad the output with an extra pre/post '\n' padding = True #: Default template format. See the ``tabulate`` documentation for #: all supported template formats. format = 'orgtbl' #: Default headers to use. headers = [] #: Default alignment for string columns. See the ``tabulate`` #: documentation for all supported ``stralign`` options. string_alignment = 'left' #: Default alignment for numeric columns. See the ``tabulate`` #: documentation for all supported ``numalign`` options. numeric_alignment = 'decimal' #: String format to use for float values. float_format = 'g' #: Default replacement for missing value. missing_value = '' #: Whether or not to include ``tabulate`` as an available to choice #: to override the ``output_handler`` via command line options. overridable = False
[docs] def render(self, data, **kw): """ Take a data dictionary and render it into a table. Additional keyword arguments are passed directly to ``tabulate.tabulate``. Args: data_dict (dict): The data dictionary to render. Returns: str: The rendered template text """ headers = kw.get('headers', self._meta.headers) out = tabulate(data, headers, tablefmt=kw.get('tablefmt', self._meta.format), stralign=kw.get( 'stralign', self._meta.string_alignment), numalign=kw.get( 'numalign', self._meta.numeric_alignment), missingval=kw.get( 'missingval', self._meta.missing_value), floatfmt=kw.get('floatfmt', self._meta.float_format), ) out = out + '\n' if self._meta.padding is True: out = '\n' + out + '\n' return out
def load(app): app.handler.register(TabulateOutputHandler)