Source code for cement.core.output

"""Cement core output module."""

from abc import abstractmethod
from ..core.interface import Interface
from ..core.handler import Handler
from ..utils.misc import minimal_logger

LOG = minimal_logger(__name__)

[docs] class OutputInterface(Interface): """ This class defines the Output Interface. Handlers that implement this interface must provide the methods and attributes defined below. In general, most implementations should sub-class from the provided :class:`OutputHandler` base class as a starting point. """
[docs] class Meta: """Handler meta-data.""" #: The string identifier of the interface interface = 'output'
[docs] @abstractmethod def render(self, data, *args, **kwargs): """ Render the ``data`` dict into output in some fashion. This function must accept both ``*args`` and ``**kwargs`` to allow an application to mix output handlers that support different features. Args: data (dict): The dictionary whose data we need to render into output. Returns: str, None: The rendered output string, or ``None`` if no output is rendered """ pass # pragma: nocover
[docs] class OutputHandler(OutputInterface, Handler): """Output handler implementation.""" pass # pragma: nocover