Source code for cement.core.meta

"""Cement core meta functionality."""

[docs] class Meta(object): """ Container class for meta attributes of a larger class. Keyword arguments are set as attributes of ``self``. """ def __init__(self, **kwargs): self._merge(kwargs) def _merge(self, dict_obj): for key in dict_obj.keys(): setattr(self, key, dict_obj[key])
[docs] class MetaMixin(object): """ Mixin that provides the meta class support to add settings to instances of objects. Meta keys cannot start with a ``_``. """ def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs): # Get a List of all the Classes we in our MRO, find any attribute named # Meta on them, and then merge them together in order of MRO metas = reversed([x.Meta for x in self.__class__.mro() if hasattr(x, "Meta")]) final_meta = {} # Merge the Meta classes into one dict for meta in metas: final_meta.update(dict([x for x in meta.__dict__.items() if not x[0].startswith("_")])) # Update the final Meta with any kwargs passed in for key in final_meta.keys(): if key in kwargs: final_meta[key] = kwargs.pop(key) self._meta = Meta(**final_meta) # FIX ME: object.__init__() doesn't take params without exception super(MetaMixin, self).__init__()