Cement core interface module.

class cement.core.interface.Attribute(description)

Bases: object

An interface attribute definition.

Parameters:description – The description of the attribute.
class cement.core.interface.Interface

Bases: object

An interface definition class. All Interfaces should subclass from here. Note that this is not an implementation and should never be used directly.


DEPRECATION WARNING: This function is deprecated as of Cement 2.9 in favor of the CementApp.handler.list_types() function, and will be removed in future versions of Cement.

Return a list of defined interfaces (handler types).

Returns:List of defined interfaces
Return type:list
cement.core.interface.validate(interface, obj, members=[], meta=['interface', 'label', 'config_defaults', 'config_section'])

A wrapper to validate interfaces.

  • interface – The interface class to validate against
  • obj – The object to validate.
  • members – The object members that must exist.
  • meta – The meta object members that must exist.