Cement2 Core features include (but are not limited to):

  • Core pieces of the framework are customizable via handlers/interfaces
  • Extension handler interface to easily extend framework functionality
  • Config handler supports parsing multiple config files into one config
  • Argument handler parses command line arguments and merges with config
  • Log handler supports console and file logging
  • Plugin handler provides an interface to easily extend your application
  • Hook support adds a bit of magic to apps and also ties into framework
  • Handler system connects implementation classes with Interfaces
  • Output handler interface renders return dictionaries to console
  • Core library and extensions have zero external dependencies
  • Extensions with external dependencies packaged separately
  • Controller handler supports sub-commands, and nested controllers
  • Significant Nose test coverage
  • Extensive Sphinx documentation, complete with examples
  • Supported on Python 2.6+ and 3!

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